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"Although this was my first D.C. trip for CONECT, it was definitely what I expected it to be and even more. Everything was put together perfectly. Great job to everybody who made this happen!"

Christopher Woodward

A.N. Deringer Inc.



"This trade briefing was truly an outstanding use of two days in Washington DC.  The organization of events was perfect… with readable and focused background briefing papers …an initial internal roundtable to make sure concerns of each of us in the CONECT group would be addressed.


Then … outstanding presentations by government officials and insiders. The open forum allowed a free flow of Q&A … with candor one would never see in the press.  The opportunity then to talk with key staff people and NE Congressmen and Senators… was truly a golden opportunity. You’ve set the bar very high for yourselves".

Geoffrey N. Giovanetti

(Former) Managing Director

Wine and Spirits Shippers


"First, … the organization efforts made by you were…outstanding. Each of these sessions … has been better than the previous--I don't know how you guys do it, but you do! The first days meetings were extremely informative, as well as our meeting on Day 2 with Angela Ellard; I learned a great deal..


Day Two's meetings with the various members of the 'New England delegation' had some real plusses as well. These sessions do 'open the door' for ongoing correspondence between the attendees from CONECT and the people we have met with and I, for one, will continue the correspondence--just maybe, someone will listen"!
Herb Rothstein

H. Rothstein & Associates, Inc. 


"Thank you so much not only for organizing an outstanding program for us, but also for your thoughtfulness…and consideration for us missionaries while we were down in DC.   You always make us feel so welcome, and part of everything happening in the Capitol.  It really makes the trip what it is – a hugely memorable, fun and exciting event"!

Linda Wood

Bennett & Co.


"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful opportunity and platform you provided for our students. Thank you so very much".

Dr. Bani Ghosh

Chair, International Maritime Business Department

Massachusetts Maritime Academy


"Congratulations on a great conference - the speaker sessions were very informative and on spot with the current state of our marketplace.  The content was informative and everything we planned out nicely. Tay, Linda and myself had ample opportunities to network and introduce ourselves to many of the attendees, creating additional awareness and business opportunities for our Port.  CONECT is very fortunate to have you…thanks once again"!!

Steve Sasala
Port of Seattle (retired)


"I wanted to say that Thursday’s panels for the classification seminar were great!  The content was informative and everything we planned out nicely.

 Thanks so much"!

Evie Evans

U.S. Customs Compliance Team Lead

adidas Group


"Thanks for a great conference and support, and use, of our Supply Chain students. It was a great experience. Good job on the conference. I believe that you serve the best food of all of the conferences that we attend".

Douglas N. Hales, CTL, PhD

Operations & Supply Chain Management

College of Business Administration

The University of Rhode Island


Providence Journal:

Steve Silva, senior vice president of global logistics for Hasbro, will take part in a panel discussion on “Current Issues Facing Stakeholders in Ocean Transportation” that will cover topics including overcapacity and its pricing impact, acquiring supply-chain talent, and sourcing strategies in a changing global environment.

Silva said “Rhode Island companies should flock to take part in this conference”.

 “This is an opportunity in our own backyard to attend what is one of the premier supply-chain forums or events put on through the course of the year,” he said. “It’s really packed with a who’s who of the logistics, international, supply-chain field. There’s a lot to be learned.”… “You’re getting real useful information from people facing the same challenges you are [and learn] some of the things they’ve done to drive efficiencies and hopefully come away with some best practices you can put into place back at your day job.”

Steve Silva
Care New England
(formerly) Hasbro




"I cannot express enough how much I got out of this recent Conference! I look forward to future CONECT meetings too. The topics and speakers were very informative.  Thanks for a great event and I do look forward to a wonderful two days in Newport"!

Doug Ward

Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc

"I always want to support the local trade group. Trade is under such fire at Capital Hill, now is no time to pull support. Thanks".

Glen DelRoss

Foster Grant


"I just got an email from Anne Irish (Gordini) on another matter; but she attended the classification seminar, and said it was the “most informative” she’s been to in a long time.  That’s almost an exact quote!" 

Linda Elrick, USCBP


"It was pleasure to meet you, the seminar  was very informative, reinforcing what I did know - it also cleared the grey areas adding new knowledge to make job less confusing".

Donna VanAernam

Import Export Manager


"What a great seminar this was. Special thanks to  you, Deringer and the Customs Officials for a great presentation and dinner the night before. Thanks!"

Jack Lenet
Tenel Customs Consultants


"Joining CONECT has been a wonderful experience. I know can reach out to an Industry Expert and "get accurate answers" to questions I have in my business. Thank you for allowing me to join CONECT; it has been a plus for my career, and a lot of fun to boot".

Fred Issa


"The best CONECT event in 2006 was the Boston Port Tour.  It was an exceptional and rich experience, visiting the terminals and observing the truck portal, touring the port and meeting with Massport and CBP folks.  And on top of it being a great learning experience, it was a first class session.  Hard to beat!"
Jim Rice



"I wanted to drop a note of thanks and express my thoughts on my first CONECT conference.  I joined CONECT on a recommendation of a member….who recommended for me to join last year.  After experiencing this conference, I can see the year I waited was a year of lost educational opportunities.


This  conference was extremely well organized and deserves A+ in all categories.  The venue, the speakers, the scheduling, the dinners and even the entertainment were all exceptional.  The speakers were all of high caliber in their specific areas of expertise and all delivered their message clearly, and yes, on schedule.  Being able to speak with the Assistant Commissioner of Customs is not a very common opportunity.  And being able to talk with and make contacts at every single major water port in the US is as they say, priceless.  I was able to connect with a contact at all the ports we use in our business.  This will be immeasurable if we run into a problem at these ports.  It will be nice to have a “friend” to call on; because of the CONECT conference this is possible".
Bruce Lemois, NATCO (former member)


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